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Welcome to my world.

Here you will find work that I have done, for myself and others. No links to other pages (there are plenty of pages like that out there), just links to my own stuff, mainly to help me organize. Feel free to send me any comments. If you wish to reproduce this work, just let me know.

Tales of Wonder

The Quest of Duke Sir Conn. At Pennsic War XXVI, Duke Sir Dag sponsored a Quest for Knights and Royal Peers. They, with their squires (or man-at-arms), would travel all throughout the Pennsic lands in a quest designed to test all the virtues of Chivalry. Here you will find all the tales of Duke Conn and his squire Aubery's quest, which I, a simple monk, have the honor to relate to you.

A Fighter's Tale. This is a tongue-in-cheek story in the style of Flowers for Algeron.

Miles and the Knight. My Knight, Duke Sir Dag, wrote this enchanting fable.

The William Tell Sketch. My friend Kieran Grey and I have performed this sketch many times. I saw in on a Danny Kaye special, and thought it was perfect for events.

Count Sir Thorvald's Challenge. This tells the true tale of one of my most favorite times fighting, and I owe it all to Thorvald the Golden and my Lady Aline Foxwood. Former for providing the opportunity, and the latter for providing the inspiration.


Articles and Editorials.

Most of these were written for Cynnabar's newsletter "The Citadel." I used to write fairly consistently until I hit a huge SCA speedbump in 1997. I plan to continue one day.

Twenty Questions - Part II. Based on an earlier article that I answered, I posed 10 (okay, not 20) questions to the Barony in the July 1998 Citadel. I hope it inspires some responses, as I'd love to know more about the people in Cynnabar.

Aren't We All In This Together. Written years ago, updated for the Spring 98 issue of the Gauntlet, the Pentamere newsletter. My editorial on why we shouldn't "freak the mundanes" and how we in the society should all get along.

Foolish Classes. Written July, 1996. No, this has nothing to do with Juggling. I actually found this made up class list in the Seneschal files - the parchment claimed that these classes were given by Duke Sir Eliahu, but I have it on very good authority that these classes never happened.

Beginning Baronial Questions. Written June, 1996. We started our Baronial process a month before, and I can't believe it took two years from start to finish (though if you look at it another way, it took us 14 years). I still have the summary of all our Baronial meetings - I don't think I'll put that on a web page.

The Origin of Cynnabar's Name. Written in April, 1996. Nothing is ever easy.

Why Write Award Letters? Written in March, 1996. An appeal to the masses.

A Plea for SCA History Articles. I wrote this in February of 1996 to try to get more of our current history written down and to provide a source for newsletter copy. It did not work. I understand though, it is hard enough to write Seneschal reports.

What is a Member of Cynnabar? I have no idea when I wrote this, except that I was probably Seneschal at the time. This one still feels right after a few years.

What is Bedlam? I believe I wrote this in 1995 when we were having major growing pains and bad feelings were occuring. Groups change, shrink, and grow. Sometimes it is nice to take stock and look at who you think you are. I much prefer the description I use in the Cynnabar New Member's Handout (click here, written in 1997, updated June 1998 - I couldn't resist!).

The Royal Oak Demo. I wrote this in 1994. Rereading this article will teach me to include the year in any date I write - it took me ten minutes to find out when this demo occurred!

Twenty Questions. Okay, it is really 9 questions about who I am and my views on the SCA, but I did answer them sometime in 1993 or 1994 (again, I should date things!). The questions aren't listed, but you can probably guess what they were. Some of the answers would change today, some of them would not. Hmmm, this sounds like a good article to do again. So I did!

What Does an Exchequer Do? I believe I wrote this in 1993 (no later than 1994) while I was Cynnabar's Exchequer. If I ever rewrite the article, I replace the word "troll" with "gate"!

What is Juggling? Don't know? Look here! I have no idea when I wrote this.

Introduction to the SCA. This isn't an article. I wrote this as a very specific introduction to Cynnabar and the SCA in response to e-mail queries. I just copy it and personalize it to the specific inquiry.



You would think with all the classes I've taught, I'd have more on-line research. Well, I don't. Mistress Kay keeps pestering me to write more articles, and I plan on doing so very soon (honest!). It is odd, but although I feel comfortable talking in front of a class with just my notes, I will not put them out in public until they are close to perfect. Ah well.

History of Math. This is my quick (and very rough) tour of mathematics from Euclid to Godel. It does not include the mathatics examples from my notes - I still have to write them out in a pretty form. Those notes are what focus on the middle ages, and the class is much better with it.

Bibliography. Last updated June, 1998. I even talk about the books. Be warned, most of them have to do with mathematics and robotics!


Pages for Others

I've done some SCA pages for others. Nothing major, just quick and dirty.

Waterbearing Home Page. For my friend Lady Margarete of Stirlingshire.

Pennsic Performing Arts Center. For my friend Lady Avril Boulle.



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