Article: Royal Oak Review - or - They Did *What* With Their Elbows?!?!
By: Midair MacCormaic

More than half the shire participated in the Royal Oak Arts Council
Charity Christmas Feast, held on Friday and Saturday, December 2nd and
3rd. The Ceaser ... er ... coordinator for the event was Sal
Sanfratello, who had the help of Lari Smith (entertainment
coordinator) and DeForest (Slyme) Piper (server coordinator).

For a payment of $2,500, the Arts Council wanted the Shire to provide
two nights of entertainment and feast servers. They were expecting
around 300 people per night, with the dinner running from 7:30 PM to
well after 11:00 PM. Obviously, this would be no easy task for the
Shire, especially if we did this on our own, so Sal went out to other
SCA groups to recruit some help. However, here in our Shire there was
a lot of support for this demo.

Slyme recruited about a dozen people to help serve each night. The
servers worked incredibly hard both nights, and were highly
complimented by the guests for not only their courtesy when serving,
but for their table acting as well.

The entertainers practiced heavily for about three weeks before the
event, and were prepared for their performances, which were well
enjoyed by the guests. Sharon Spanogle organized the singing group,
composed of seven people, singing a variety of period pieces and
Christmas songs, including some sing-a-longs. Kevin Janka assembled a
dancing group, set with eight people, who danced two sets of three
dances each. Elaine Praither coordinated the Bedlam players, made up
of a mob of people that your humble writer could not count because
they would not keep still long enough. Bedlam performed two skits
that evening. As part of the performance, Chuck Cohen juggled and
Kevin told an interactive and entertaining story. Jeff Skevington
and Maria Schumacher performed "A Lover's Quarrel" to the delight of
everyone attending, which they wrote themselves.

The evening performances were also graced by the presence of His Royal
Majesty, the King who had no name, played by Joe Laidlaw. The servers
brought many people to the King when they committed infractions
against etiquette.

A week before the performance Sal discovered that only half of the
expected guests would be attending each night. Therefore, the Shire
itself was able to provide all the needed servers and entertainers for
the evening, although Cynnabar did have the assistance of a member
from Roaring Wastes. As this event was for charity, the group decided
to refund $500 so the Royal Oak Arts Council would have more for their

All in all, a good time was had by the Shire and the guests, and it is
hoped that we will have the opportunity to perform there next year.


Last Updated: 28 June 98
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