A Fool's Errand - A Tonuge-in-Cheek Article by Midair MacCormaic

While reviewing the old Seneschal records, I discovered that in the
not so distanct recently ancient past, there was a series of workshops
(I believe they were called back then "Seminars", which is from the
greek words "semi", meaning "to cut in half so that no one knows what
the original was", and "nars", meaning "subjects of no importance
(nar-do-wells, which is not greek, but a form of pig latin)) given
that are far different from the ones we do in the Current Modern

For your enjoyment, good readers, is a list of some of the more
interesting courses. I know not who the teacher or teachers of these
subjects were, but if that good gentle could come forward, I am sure
many new members (of which I include myself, as this was way way way
before my time) would be interested in attending such classes.

Lady's Classes:

Flirting for the Connoisseur
How to Encourage your Lord
Receiving Gallantry Elegantly
Confrontational Garb - The Do's and Don'ts
Eleanor of Aquitane - A Case Study
Props - The Fan, The Mirror, The Dressing Gown...
Modelling for Portraits, In and Out of the 'Classical Mode'
(apparently one on one instruction was provided)


Lord's Classes:
Flirting for the Connoisseur
Casanova vs. Don Juan - A Case Study
Dancing - Not Just for Fops
The Charming Flirt
Victoria's Secrets - A Compendium of Women's Underthings (this course
included removal techniques...)
When to Sheath Your Sword
To Cod Piece or Not to Cod Piece??

Classes open to all gentles:

Strawberries - the Perfect Food
Cloved Fruit is Your Friend
Courtly Behavior at Feast
Witty Repartee and Sparkling Dinner Conversation

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