What is Bedlam?

The Bedlam Players are a medieval theatre troupe, composed of the greatest actors, musicians, jesters, mimes and artisans of the Known World! We have performed for all the Kings of Europe, and speak a ready wit in their every tongue! Not only can we recite every Shakespearean play by rote, we can adapt it and make it better! We wrote the Iliad. We inspired the Sistine Chapel. Monks view our calligraphy and illumination with jealousy. Children cower in fear. Knights are stunned by our antics. We have caused the mighty to fall dead at our feat. Our entertainment has cured leprosy. We backed the Muses into a corner and made them beg for mercy! We…

Well, we are a theater troupe, at least. We do meet once a week, and put on a few performances a year. Come join in the fun, and become an actor! People will never treat you the same way again.

Meetings are Mondays, 5:30-7:00 PM, in the EECS building (where we have our Monday Night Meetings). Call Midair MacCormaic (Charles Cohen) relentlessly at (734) 913-0245 charles@umich.edu. (Actually, call him at a decent hour.)

Listen to the praise for the Bedlam Players!

"I would never associate myself with such a bunch of hooligans and nere-do-wells." - Cormac, founding member of Bedlam.

"Bah." - William Shakespeare.

"These are the finest performances I have ever seen in my life!" - Myra Cohen, Midair's mother.

"Actors? Ac-tors?!? You expect us to comment on ac-tors?!?" - Eliahu and Arianna, House Griffoné d' Oro.

"I aspire to be as good in the theater as they are." - B. Shatner



Last Updated: 28 June 98
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