Why Write Award Letters?

A question I have often heard, in public and in private, is: "That
good gentle has done such fine work - why haven't they gotten their
[insert appropriate Kingdom level award here]?" Many people feel they
have nothing to do with the award process. When we see awards handed
out at court, we realize that it is the sole right of the King and
Queen award such honors. So then the question becomes, "Why haven't
the Royalty given out the award to the deserving person yet?"

That is a much easier question to answer. Although it is the
Royalty's decision alone, They probably do not know who is actually
deserving of awards! The Royalty can't possibly know everyone in their
Kingdom, let alone all of their accomplishments, right? This is where
you and I can help.

The Crown is not omnipresent. They need to know who is deserving of
awards, and it is fortunate that everyone one of us has the
opportunity, even a duty, to inform the Crown. How? Easy - by
writing a letter of recommendation.

Anyone can write a letter recommending others for almost any award, from
an Award of Arms to a Purple Fret for Service to a Laurel in
Embroidery. The officers of this Shire (or of any group) are not
required to write these letters, although many do out of a desire to
help their Shire. But Shire officers
aren't perfect, and try as they might, some very deserving people
might be missed. However, if you know someone is deserving, then you
can write the letter yourself, and bring a person you know one step
closer to recognition.

Every letter that is sent to the Royalty is read. They usually like
to receive more than one letterg so They can get confirmation on the
recommended person's achievements. The more letters
received about a deserving person, the better. If everyone in
this Shire wrote letters for each person they knew deserved an award,
then the Middle Kingdom would soon learn of all our accomplishments in
the arts, the sciences, service, and marshal activities.

Lucky for us, Lady Arianna is teaching a workshop on March 18th, where
she will explain how to write an award recommendation letter to Their
Majesties. She will discuss how to address Them, what to say, and
what to expect. I encourage everyone who thinks they know a person
deserving of an award to attend.

And remember, these awards aren't prizes and treasures to be
hoarded. They are a symbol, showing that others have noticed your work
achievements. The Crown can only hand out such symbols if the people
who notice tell them. This is your opportunity...go for it!

Last Updated: 28 June 98
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