The Quest of Conn MacNiell
Duke of Calontir
Viscount of Northshield
Knight of the Known World
General of the Northshield Army
Minstrel in the most noble order of the Laurel
and his squire Aubery Swift Waeter

At Pennsic War XXVI, Duke Sir Dag sponsored a Quest for Knights and Royal Peers. They, with their squires (or man-at-arms), would travel all throughout the Pennsic lands in a quest designed to test all the virtues of Chivalry. Below, in order, you will find all the tales of Duke Conn and his squire Aubery's quest, which I, a simple monk, have the honor to relate to you. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the tale.


The Tale of the Questing Knights

The Tale of the Cursed Gypsy

The Tale of the Wandering Sage

The Tale of Sir Conn and the Chessboard

The Tale of Lady Seraphina and Sir Wrath

The Tale of Lord Avarice

The Tale of Sir Conn and Lord Sloth

The Tale of the Red Knight

The Tale of Sir Conn and Squire Aubery versus Lord Lust

The Tale of the Black Knight

The Tale of the Heraldic Trap

The Tale of Lady Pride

The Tale of the Second Encounter with the Gypsy

The Tale of the Burdened Lady

The Tale of Sir Conn and the Wood Nymphs

The Tale of the Ogre and the Egg



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