Marcus Benjamin's Archive

March 2005

19 March 2005
Elaine in the happy chair with Marcus and Cassanda.

5 March 2005
Okay, isn't this just the most adorable thing?
Marcus Man is hugging his sister, Cassandra, while Elaine beams.
Marcus Man holds Cassandra quite a bit, and also likes to hug and kiss her.

4 March 2005
I am definitely a proud father, holding my son,
Marcus, and my daughter Cassandra.

9 March 2005
My whole family together. Elaine surrounded by all her little ones!

Have to start them young on the computer!

A group shot!

9 March 2005
My sister and brother in law visited in early March.
We had a delightful time, and Marcus enjoyed hanging out with them!

February 2005

The kids are awake.

The kids are asleep.
12 February 2005

12 February 2005
Marcus is excited about helping to change Cassandra's diaper.
Cassandra gives her opinion to her big brother.

January 2005

30 January 2005
Elaine with Cassandra and Marcus on the seat of love.

29 January 2005
The whole family together!

17 January 2005
Build it tall, Marcus Man.

15 January 2005
This is during Cassandra's first week home. I don't know why Marcus looks drunk in the picture.
I love it when both of our kids are sitting on Elaine.

Original photo

Closeup of just hands
15 January 2005
When Marcus was born, we took a picture of hands, and this is the one including Cassandra.
Marcus' hand has definitely grown! I hope to do this every few years.

15 January 2005
I hope Cassandra gets as happy to be with me as Marcus does.
Notice that Marcus is holding Cassandra's hand!

12 January 2005
Marcus likes to be read to every day.

10 January 2005
Marcus helps to comfort Mom after she gave birth.

10 January 2005
Marcus is snuggling with Mommy.
Cassandra is one day old. Grandma is holding her.

December 2004

25 December 2004
I remember a while ago when we gave Arbeau a huge turkey leg.
He was so excited that his whole body shook with excitement.
Marcus had a similar reaction when he saw all those wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree.
Of course, he more enjoyed the unwrapping than the gifts!
That will probably change next year.

25 December 2004
Marcus Man opening some holiday gifts.

19 December 2004
Happy Birthday Marcus!
(His birthday is on the 20th, but we celebrated it on the 19th.)
Our good friend Magdalena made this beautiful cake for him.

19 December 2004
Marcus opening his birthday gifts, and then blowing out his candles.

10 December 2004
It is a shame that such a sweet and nice picture of Marcus reading
can be given an evil bent because of red-eye.

10 December 2004
Marcus loved his Chanukah gifts. I think he liked opening the box just as much.

10 December 2004
Ah, that's my boy!

November 2004

27 November 2004
Marcus helps Elaine put up the Christmas Tree.

27 November 2004
Marcus Man falling asleep in his high chair.

12 November 2004
Daddy gets to be a horse for Marcus!

Marcus having a bottle of milk while sitting with Daddy and Pythagoras.

Marcus eating dinner with Pythagoras and Mommy.
5 November 2004

October 2004

31 October 2004
Marcus heads out as Tigger to get Trick-or-Treat candy with Mommy.

Marcus in his Tigger Costume for our Halloween pary.

Daddy as James Bond, Mommy as a pregnant Money Penny, and Marcus as ... Tigger. Maybe he was a spy dressed as Tigger.
30 October 2004

September 2004

28 September 2004
Marcus is reading a book with Mommy.

19 September 2004
Marcus Man playing with Pythagoras.

2 September 2004
Marcus is, um...well...I guess the word is 'playing' with a balloon during
a Cynnabar Thursday night dance practice. Daddy can be seen in the
back wearing black shorts.

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