Marcus Benjamin's Archive

August 2004

14 August 2004
Marcus Man loves his new chair that Chuck's parents got him!
Pythag looks...concerned.

July 2004

Chuck's family came to visit over the July 4th weekend,
and we got together with Elaine's family to celebrate the founding of our country and to,
well, just get together and have fun!

5 July 2004
Well, this shows that Marcus is definitely my son.
He's eating chocolate sauce directly out of the can...just like me!

5 July 2004
Marcus' family on Chuck's side.
In the center: Zayda, Elaine, Bubba, Golda, and Chuck.
Michael is in the center in the right picture.

5 July 2004
He was happy a second ago, honest!

5 July 2004
Marcus was hanging out with his cousins, Matt and Katie.
Apparently, Katie is an excellent piano teacher, and Marcus loved the view Matt showed him.
The center picture is my favorite: it looks like Katie caught Marcus and Matt doing something wrong...



June 2004

12 June 2004
Elaine adores this picture.
At one point, Pythag was on me too!

5 June 2004
This is Daddy's chair,
not Marcus's chair!!!


May 2004

8 May 2004
Yes, Marcus loves his Little Mermaid toy.
He plays the music from it all the time.
And no, his Father has no idea where Marcus gets that from.

March 2004

30 March 2004
Marcus loves his Daddy's hat!

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