Marcus Benjamin's Archive

January 2003

Marcus man and me! He's six weeks old here. Note another little guy in the background.

Five weeks old, and starting to think!


At six weeks, Marcus is almost 10 pounds, the same size as Pythagoras!

While technically not a baby picture, Little Arbeau has decided he likes to sleep in the baby car seat. Pythag, of course, is way above this behavior.


Five weeks old, calm in his rocking seat.

A few minutes earlier, Marcus is showing his best side.

Marcus on 8 January 2003

John Spencer in a 2002 picture

Note the similarities between my son and the fictional Chief of Staff from the West Wing.


This is Elaine with Marcus on 3 Jan 2002.
She looks amazing only two weeks after birth!

Another picture of Marcus at two weeks.
We wish he were this quiet all the time.

All of our hands.

Marcus loves to get a bath.


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