Marcus Benjamin's Archive

February 2003

Nine weeks old, with Chuck's parents who visited us in Ann Arbor
They brought tons of snow with them.

Chuck's Family

All the Grandparents

Myra (Bubba), Chuck's Mom, with Marcus

Marvin(Zayda), Chuck's Dad, with Marcus


Marvin and Arbeau

Myra and the Pussycats

Even the cats visited my parents!


This is Myra in one of her more serious moments. Pythag and Arbeau are not amused.


Elaine found this cute.

Of course, I found this cute.
Elaine with all of her little guys!!


This is still while Chuck's parents visited.


This is Dan and Marcus, when he visited during the middle of the month.


Marcus, at two months, old, with his bouncer and a dragon with a silly hat (both of them).


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