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December 2003

Marcus loves to climb the stairs! He made it all the way to the top today.
28 December 2003

Marcus also took his first drunken steps on this date,
31 December 2003

Pythag playing with Marcus.
Pythag is amazingly good with him, and at times
seems to even be having fun!
28 December 2003

My family sent Marcus Chanukah gifts.
So what did my parents get him?
Yes, a drum.
I'll need to make a tape and send it to them.


These pictures and below are from December 20th, 2003, which is Marcus Man's first birthday!
As he's never open gifts before, we tested him out with one of our own earlier in the day.
He likes pulling off wrapping paper, and the bows.
The gifts? Well, let's just say that, for the most part, the paper is much more fun.


As this picture shows, our Grandparents seem to have really wanted us to have a child.
By the way, he isn't really excited about the gifts.
He's all happy because there are tons of things to pull off the table.


All in all, he had a fun day, as can be seen on the left.
The rolling alphabet (right) seems to be one of his favorite gifts.
I also like that some of the boxes were bigger than him.


That birthday cake was amazingly delicious.
Elaine, of course, had to blow out his candle.
He sure does like chocolate! Helps to prove he's our son.

Marcus fell asleep kind of quickly after all the stimulation.

Later on when went to a fun dinner party at a friend's place. We had a ton of fun, but Marcus didn't last very long!



November 2003

The whole family.
Pythagoras is thrilled with Marcus's hand.

A very sleepy guy after a long thanksgiving.

My family came out from Philadelphia to join Elaine's family for Thanksgiving. It was the first Thanksgiving for the Marcus man. We all had a great time!

Marcus with Bubba and Zayda.

Marcus with parents.
High five!!

Marcus with Grandma and Grandpa.

You'll notice that Elaine is in every shot. Marcus was getting very fussy and sleepy (see upper left November picture), and she was the only one who he was happy with at the time.

October 2003

18 October 2003
Marcus pulled himself up at the window.
He isn't walking yet, but he is standing, and has begun to crawl everywhere.
He crawls to the cat food, to the trash cans, to the cats (who run away),
to the plant, to our books, to...

04 October 2003
Sitting down, but then...
04 October 2003
...standing! Yes, by this time he has started to pull himself up, all by himself!!


September 2003

(There are no pictures of Marcus during September. Apparently this is because he slept the entire month.)

August 2003

22 August 2003
Alison watched Marcus for us while Elaine and Chuck go out to a movie on a real date!
Little Arbeau is keeping watch over both of them.


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