Marcus Benjamin's Archive

December 2002

One day old, and ready to travel!
(21 Dec 2002)

Marcus with his Mother, Elaine,
right after he was born.
(20 Dec 2002, 9:17 AM)

Marcus with his Father, Chuck. 20 Dec 2002.

Marcus with one of his Grandmother's
(Sylvia, Elaine's Mom).
20 Dec 2002

Closeup of Marcus on his first day. 20 Dec 2002.

Marcus, 1 week old, and actually quiet!
(27 Dec 2002)

These pictures all take place during the Christmas Holidays (2002).
Marcus is one month old.
All were taking by Elaine's Mom, Sylvia,

This never happened. I am sure this is a doctored photograph.

Elaine and her parents (Sylvia and Ralph), with you know who.

This is Elaine's brother, Dan. He's been spending a couple of years working in England, but was home for the holidays. He promised to buy Marcus lots of expensive electronic gifts!

This is Elaine's side of the family, who has volunteered to babysit a lot!!

I think this is my favorite picture from the set. This is Elaine's Uncle Gene.
I can't believe how beautiful this picture looks. I didn't crop it or modify it at all. Amazing.


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