Cassandra Lynn's Archive

March 2005

20 March 2005
This is a good close up of our daughter as she wiggles. She likes to do that.

19 March 2005
Elaine in the happy chair with Marcus and Cassanda.

10 March 2005
Sometimes, but but nearly often enough,
Cassandra will calm down when put into this huge bean bag.

5 March 2005
Okay, isn't this just the most adorable thing?
Marcus Man is hugging his sister, Cassandra,
while Elaine beams.

4 March 2005
I am definitely a proud father, holding my son,
Marcus, and my daughter Cassandra.

9 March 2005
My whole family together. Elaine surrounded by all her little ones!

Gold, Michael, and Cassandra.

Have to start them young on the computer!

A group shot!

9 March 2005
My sister and brother-in-law stayed a few days with us in March.
It was a wonderful time, and by the end Marcus was very comfortable with both of them.
Cassandra is holding her opinion until she learns to more than eat and spit up.

February 2005

The kids are awake.

The kids are asleep.
12 February 2005

12 February 2005
Cassandra doesn't seem to thrilled with Marcus wanting to help change her diaper.

6 February 2005
Cassandra is actually much happier than she looks!

4 February 2005
Pythagoras and Cassandra get some Daddy time.

3 February 2005
"A study in two girls in pink."
The older one is Kristin, who works at Cybernet.

January 2005

Elaine and Cassandra

Elaine with Cassandra and Marcus
30 January 2005

29 January 2005
The whole family together!

15 January 2005
This is during our first week home. I don't know why Marcus looks drunk in the picture.
I love it when both of our kids are sitting on Elaine.

Original photo

Closeup of just hands
15 January 2005
When Marcus was born, we took a picture of hands, and this is the one including Cassandra.
I hope to do this every few years.

15 January 2005
I hope Cassandra gets as happy to be with me as Marcus does.
Notice that Marcus is holding Cassandra's hand!

15 January 2005
Closeup of Cassandra.

14 January 2005
Cassandra's Grandparents showing us that they want to babysit as much as possible.

12 January 2005
Cassandra's first day at home, being snuggled by Mommy.

10 January 2005
Cassandra is one day old. Grandma is holding her.
Marcus is snuggling with Mommy.

10 January 2005
Our first family group photo.
Cassandra's head does that a lot when Daddy holds her.



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